Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Where did the party go?

Today my housemates Justine & Sian took me to the Kenwood Ladies Pond at Hampstead Heath. I'd never heard of the Ladies Pond before so I didn't really know what I was in for but WOW. I think I may have found a new haven!

There is a lovely little secluded pond on the East side of Hampstead Heath where you can go for a swim in the pond, or sunbathe on the sunny grassy banks with not a single man in sight. It's purely for Ladies only.

The bushes are so thick and the banks are so set back from the nearby paths that no one can see in, so it was lovely to feel completely free and join all the other ladies in a spot of topless sunbathing! Normally I'd be quite shy about getting my bits out in public but I was really put at ease by the huge variety of Ladies sunbathing there - old, young, lumpy & bumpy, lean and fit. Literally every body type was accounted for and I felt like I fitted right in.

There was such a peaceful, old fashioned feel to the area - no mobile phones, no talking loudly. It was all very polite and I loved having a little snooze under the warm sun.

I felt like I couldn't take many photos of the Ladies Pond because people were minding their own business, so I'd like to link you to Liberty London Girl's blog about the Ladies' pond. She's created a lovely description alongside some wonderful photographs - you can have a look here!

I think I will most definitely be paying more visits to the Ladies' pond over the summer months... and I can think of a certain 3 ladies who I'm sure would love to join me?!

After some serious thought I've decided to go back onto the calorie-counting diet for a few weeks in order to get a little bit more fit and confident for summer. Now that I'm getting pretty good at Hula Hooping it would be great to take it to a local park and have a spin but Hula Hooping alone already leaves one feeling a bit self-conscious so anything I can do to reduce that feeling is a win in my book!

I lost nearly 2 stone last year after doing a calorie counting diet with the help of myfitnesspal, an app for the iphone. I'm pleased to say that since my final weigh in a whole year ago I've managed to maintain the same weight! I think that's always the biggest fear when you come off of a diet... that you will instantly get back into old routines.

You can read my guest post about myfitnesspal for the Where are my Knees? blog here!

I walked home from the Ladies Pond through the beautiful Highgate Woods.Everytime I take a stroll here I'm reminded just how lucky I am to live in London. :)

Keep sunbathing!

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