Monday, 6 May 2013

Stop and Close Your Eyes

Bank holidays are the best when you don't have to work aren't they?! Everyone is so happy and full of beans because 3 day weekends can mean the world to some people.

I spent bank holiday with my Mum at the annual May Day Sweeps festival in Rochester. I'm no stranger to Rochester's many festivities which they run throughout the year, as I've been going since I was a kid I love the atmosphere at my two favourites: Sweeps festival in May and the Dickens festival in December.

Mum and I got there really early which meant that we were front row for some of the Morris dancing that takes place along the high street. Morris dancing is a old form of dancing that I learnt at school and Ive seen it at sweeps festival since I was little so naturally, I love it.

After browsing the many stalls we stopped for a spot of lunch at Peggottys Parlour, a quaint little tea room that hasn't changed in appearance since the 1800's. 

The high street gets packed with tourists so we strolled up to the castle grounds for a look around the fun fair too and to walk off our hefty lemon cake from Peggottys!

On our way out of Rochester we saw an old barge on the Medway called the Edith May which was hosting a cafe/bar/open mic afternoon so Mum and I had a walk around the boat and stopped and listened to the guitarists for a short while. It was lovely :)

Mum was kind enough to drive me all the way up to Bluewater in hope that I might find some juju jelly shoes like the ones I had when I was a kid but we failed and came back empty handed - my mission to find these will be ongoing I assure you.

After chilling out at Mum's for a bit my best boys Dave & Phill picked me up for a soirée into Maidstone, where they took me to a Star Wars themed pub - the Style and Winch - which had a huge Tie Fighter above the doorway blaring out Star Wars music.

The interior decor was pretty standard for a pub, apart from them playing Star Wars on the interior TV's and all the little Star Wars memorabilia which was dotted around. It was pretty cool I there and there was even a TARDIS in the garden!! (For the bonus Doctor Who fans!)

It was so lovely to spend a few drinks with these guys (especially once Simon joined us!!) and I love them each dearly :) 

Phill and I both sampled the new Bulmers Red Grape & Black Cherry flavours which were delicious summer drinks... Give them a try next time you're at the pub!

Dave then very kindly drove me to the train station in the evening where we sang along to our old favourites Motion City Soundtrack like the old days when we both lived in Maidstone :)

I had a ball working on the pilot TV show last week, keep an eye out for Team Panache which I designed as fingers crossed it'll be on your telly box in the near future! You can read more about Team Panache here.

I'm off work for another few weeks now, what will tomorrow have in store? No plans as yet....

Keep dancing!

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