Friday, 10 May 2013

Double Trouble

I missed out on Wednesdays blog but for good reason.

I ventured into Wood Green in the morning for a little shop (check out my goodies below) and on the bus home I came over slightly peculiar with a feeling I am all too familiar with.

You see I suffer from Migraines, and although I'm pretty lucky and don't need to hide in a black room for a few days, it makes the day a total write-off! So I got home and spent the afternoon snuggled in bed and finished off season 5 of How I Met Your Mother (best show ever!!)

After taking my meds I went along to hula hoop class in the evening and learnt some new tricks which made me feel a trillion times better!

Today's been a busy one. I began by packing for my trip away this weekend with my mum and journeyed down to Kent- where I lunched with my Mum and my aunty Adrienne before going to see my Grandad who's not been very well lately.

I also had my hair dyed!! My friend Kayleigh has been my hairdresser for years and she's always up for the crazy colour combinations I used to ask for. Today we used Special Effects Pimpin' Purple on my brunette and we mixed up Special Effects Atomic Pink and Crazy Colour Hot Purple on my under colour- which has made this awesome two-tone purple colour!! I love it and the best bit is that the Crazy Colour will wash out in a few washes and leave just the pink!! Too cool right? Pony hair!

I've just been to see my best pal Simon's band Up For The Letdown who I've actually never seen live!! They were AWESOME!! Their music is the perfect blend of pop and punk (exactly what I love) and their front woman Lex is way too cool for school. I had a blast and it was great to see Simon in action :)

I begin my trip tomorrow at 9am, we're heading to Glastonbury for some kind of adventure/exploration weekend. I'm not quite sure what to expect!

Keep jamming!

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