Monday, 13 May 2013

When Rome's in Ruins, We Are The Lions

So the weekends adventure was a pretty spectacular one as I ventured down to Glastonbury with my Mum and Aunty Adrienne.

We left pretty early on Friday morning and took Giselle (my little purple fiesta) for the drive of her life, stopping off at Stonehenge on the way.

I've been to Stonehenge recently, but we didn't go in last time. My Mum is a member of some fancy pants society so she got us all in for a mere £8! Bargain. It was very interesting listening to all the commentary about the stones and how they got there but it was slightly tiresome hearing speculations and "we don't really know...", of course it's near impossible to know WHY the stones are there, but it wasn't satisfying to hear hundreds of opinions.

Whilst queuing in the gift shop I was overwhelmed to see my friend Iain (who is an amazing illustrator... click the link here to see his site) who was in my class at Uni! He works at Stonehenge as a steward and I think he was just as shocked to see me! We managed a little natter and promised to meet up soon :)

We ended up arriving in Glastonbury at about 4pm and headed straight for our B&B, Bellevue (I cannot recommend this place enough- the owners remembered all of our names and our breakfast orders without asking! Amazing) then we went on to Glastonbury Abbey, a collection of ruins that stood long ago before Henry VIII went on his Church burning rampage.

On Saturday we got up nice and early and headed to the top of the Glastonbury Tor, which was absolutely beautiful.

It's basically a lonely tower that sits on the top of a very steep hill overlooking Glastonbury, you can see for miles once you're up there!

On the way down we stopped off at the Chalice Well, which were some of the most gorgeous gardens I've ever been in. 

Apparently Christ's Chalice from the last supper was put into the well and as a result the water runs red through the garden. It's actually iron that makes the water red and it had quite a metallic taste! I brought some water home in a bottle but I'm not entirely sure what to do with it...

We spent the rest of the day mooching about the shops in Glastonbury, there's a huge spiritual following in Glastonbury and this is reflected in all of their shops. They were certainly tailored for a specific taste however, I picked up a new pack of Unicorn oracle cards and a fancy pants fox bag and enjoyed browsing all the crystals and other alternative goodies.

We left Sunday morning for our journey home, stopping off in Avebury to explore their own stone circle. There was certainly a lot of history there and it was really interesting to read the theories as to why the circle surrounds the whole town and heads off down the road. It was a similar idea to Stonehenge but on a much MUCH bigger layout.

Plus there were lots of cute Sheep & Lambs to keep me entertained :)

I got home last night to my lovely boy, who's moved flat! He now lives a hell of a lot closer to me :) we went out to one of Muswell's many eateries to celebrate his new place.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I've got a few adventures planned for this week beginning with Hula Hooping in Kennington this evening!! Other than that it's been nice to enjoy a day off today :)

Keep tripping!

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