Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hey Now, Hey Now

Today's actually been a really nice, if slightly wet day! 

I headed into London for Midday as I had an appointment at the Strip Wax Bar - I've had waxing done before but the staff here were really welcoming, even though getting waxed in the basement of Topshop on London's busy Oxford St was a bit weird! 

The girl who looked after me put a film on for me to watch as she caused me a good half hour of pain and we had a lovely chat about the latest celebrity gossips. She also offered me a £5 discount which took the sting out of the price... I'd like to go back there again but perhaps it was slightly too pricey? Can anyone recommend any good waxing salons?

I met my good pal Sam afterwards for some Nando's yumminess and a natter and as the rain came down I felt it would be in my best interests to head to Primark to get an umbrella! It was here that I saw this gorgeous tablet case which was reduced to £4!! I thought it looked familiar as I saw it last week on Being Little's blog so I snapped it up and now my little iPad is nestled safely inside it :)

I mentioned last Monday that I was on a hunt for some JuJu Jellies shoes and what did I find in Urban Outfitters today?! Purple heeled JuJu Jellies! They are lush AND they match my hair! 

The rain made me head home early and I've spent the rest of the day snuggled in the warmth of my bedroom :)

Keep dry!

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