Wednesday, 24 April 2013


So not a lot actually happened today. I spent the better part of the morning in bed with a terrible headache (post sun-hangover I reckon) searching for jobs and new contacts and generally trying to be productive - but in bed.

I took a trip to Wood Green in the afternoon - mainly to road test my new shoes which were comfy at first, and then they decided to try and eat my feet!! FAIL.

I was mainly looking forward to my Hula Hoop class which I do on Wednesdays with Hoopswhirled, and today was particularly exciting because I was awaiting my new hoop! WHICH CAME!! Hurrah.

It's gorgeous, the lady who runs the class, Diana, hand makes the hoops to your requirements, so after a few days of umming and ahhing over colour combinations I settled for the holographic pink, glitter white and purple and it is BEAUTIFUL!

It's also a lighter weight than standard hoops as I've started to learn more hand hooping and upper body hooping so it just makes those activities a little easier on my hands and chest :)

I'm pretty excited because I found out that the London Hoop Fest is happening next month (May 20th-26th) and they'll be hosting FREE hooping events throughout the week! I'll still be unemployed then so I'm hoping to pop along to a lot of the free classes and maybe a few of the paid classes... which do look like a lot of fun!

Speaking of unemployment, I had seen a job advertised through The Art Department Crew and The Unit List on Facebook and emailed my CV straight away for the position of Art Director on a TV pilot. Only an hour later did I find out that I had the job! Hurrah! So I'll be venturing into the world of employment for one whole week....

So in the meantime because TV jobs literally take up ALL of my waking hours I will have to say a fond "see you soon" as I won't have time to update until the week after next (That's the 6th May to all you lovely folk with calendars)

Keep spinning!

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