Wednesday, 15 May 2013

She's Got Electric Boots

It's funny isn't it when you haven't seen someone in years, and when you hear from them out of the blue it's always a nice surprise. Yet you wonder how it'll be when you meet up in person again, will you still get along? Will you still have things in common?

Today  I found the answer to this question when my old friend Jack randomly whatsapped me and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch. I haven't seen Jack in about 3 years, since the days when I used to hang around Edenbridge in Kent. Jack is a genuinely very funny person, and knowing this made me feel more comfortable about seeing him again.

So we went for Wagamama's in Covent Garden for a catch up. Things were dutifully polite until I cracked a joke about Jack's home town smelling bad. Then all hell broke loose - I'd like to apologise to the other folks in Wagamama's who were trying to eat - We were crying with laughter at the most juvenile of things and laughing at things which were truly NOT funny- but that's Jack, he always looks on the bright side of any situation.
It took us so long to eat because we were laughing so much that our food went cold!


I'm genuinely very pleased for Jack, he's done an enormous amount with himself since we last spoke, so much so that I didn't actually recognise him (I stood staring past him for a good 5 minutes outside our meeting spot). So if someone's contacted you recently out of the blue, go for a drink with them & have a catch-up. Because chances are that things are just the same as they always were.

Tonight was a special night for me because I graduated from level 1 of the Hoopswhirled course! Hula Hooping has become my obsession- yesterday I bought some pretty tapes from Artbox in Covent Garden so that I could decorate my sparkly hoop :)

My biggest achievement in hooping though is learning upper body hooping. I kid you not, it is SO HARD. I actually have bruises to prove it.

But tonight I got the chance to show off what I'd achieved in class, and I'm pleased to say that I'm a confident upper body hooper now! Just for my own pleasure I filmed myself doing it, it's good to note posture and arm placement to help improve so here's a few little screen grabs:

Next week is particularly exciting for me as I'm going to play for a few days at the London Hoop Fest! If anyone wants to come and play too then let me know! Most of the sessions are free to go along to :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Norwich to spend some time with one of my best friends, Bexy. I hope you've all had a good Wednesday too!

Keep twirling,

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