Monday, 22 April 2013

I Should Be Over All The Butterflies

This morning was Monday and generally, I do dislike Mondays but after a fabulous weekend I decided to treat myself- I got up to put the shower on, grabbed my regular cuppa & coco pops and crawled back into bed to laugh my head off at an episode of Miranda. If only every Monday could be that awesome!

On Friday night I popped down to Salisbury to the Spanton household with Toby's sister Lucy and we had a giggle-filled drive down with Mo in tow followed by copious amounts of cuddles with my lovely boy upon arrival :)

On Saturday Toby had to work so his family and I headed to Bournemouth beach for barefoot strolls, sunshine and Honeycomb ice-cream. It was a beautiful day and it was so lovely winding down and watching the world go by on the beach. It's funny how some people (like me) were all wrapped up in scarfs and coats whereas others were quite happy sunbathing (I kid you not!) in next to nothing. Crazy people. It's also dog season at the moment and there were SO MANY PUPPIES which were adorable to watch!

The six of us went out for dinner on Saturday night and I swear I almost imploded after my red velvet cheesecake dessert. AWE. SOME. Toby and I walked/skipped/danced/bowled home and fell into bed completely exhausted!
On Sunday I think we rolled out of bed about Midday (Which is standard in the Spanton household) and Toby & I took a little trip to Salisbury town where I got hold of some lovely little goodies!

This A6 sketchbook was £3 in TK Maxx and I swear it is the cutest sketchbook I have ever owned (Starting to make up for the lost Star Wars sketchbook I got last year which was the pride and joy of my collection...)
These Chococat goodies were on sale in WH Smiths and the whole bunch came to £2.09! My keys are certainly more jazzy now :)
I needed a new laptop case after my last one tried to capture and destroy my MacBook so I was dead pleased when I found this cute one in Paperchase for only £7.50! Bunnies.... :)

This morning I had a lunch date with my best friend Amy, she took me to a little place on Caledonian Rd called "Drink Shop & Do" which is a little tea/craft room. The food & tea we had was delicious and we were both really excited by some of their upcoming events- including a Lego Robot building evening and a Colour in Sneakers evening. This is definitely a place to keep an eye on as most of their evenings are free to attend!
The decor in there was amazing too- check out these origami birds by Kat Squire (there was an origami bird with a top hat- we were won over instantly!)
I would certainly recommend their cake selection- we were blown away by how good they were but felt really sick because we ate waaaaay too much!! All home-made as well which was a lovely touch to the quaint decor and attentive, friendly staff :)

Visit their website!

This afternoon I popped along to Cineworld Haymarket and (thanks to my unlimited card) saw Danny Boyle's "Trance". I'd heard some mixed reviews but wanted to check it out for myself and boy, am I glad I did. I'd recommend seeing it ONLY if you're very awake as its quite a lot to keep up with but it pays off. Ill say no more but it was a brilliant film. Just a nod as well to the design and lighting, the use of the coloured windows added so much depth to a lot of the locations which gave it very much a hide-and-seek vibe. I liked it.
After the film I ventured into Soho to meet my good friend Sam who I worked with earlier in the year on "The Escape Artist" (keep your eyes peeled on BBC one this Autumn...) we went to our favourite Mexican restaurant, Wahaca, and ate oodles of yummy spicy food and hibiscus Margheritas. We had sooo much to catch up on as we hadn't seen each other for a few months which was lovely although after my epic lunch AND dinner I am about ready to pop!!

I'm currently tapping away on the tube on my way home and right now I long for nothing more than a sweet cup of tea and maybe another episode of Miranda to finish the day with.
I hope your Monday was just as eventful!

Keep swimming,

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