Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bowie's in Space

The David Bowie Is exhibition at London's V&A museum may be sold out online for it's entire run until August BUT did you know that every morning they have 450 tickets on the door for regular folk who might spontaneously decide to visit?!

That's exactly what my pal Steve and I did today and I'll do my best not to spoil anything about the exhibition, because it was ultimately, brilliant. It was both an audio and visual feast and I was surprised by how much I actually knew and loved about David Bowie. This was entirely the point of the exhibition named "David Bowie is..."

He's influenced pop culture since the 70's and the array of press and documentaries (my favourite was a BBC news broadcast branding him a 'freak') about how individual he is are phenomenal. There was a lot of pieces to read, listen and watch and there was clearly a lot of input into the show from Bowie himself.

I really enjoyed the exploration of Bowie's artistry and his involvement with his album covers. There was a lot of depth behind what kind of messages he was trying to get across especially as he was breaking all the rules at a time when Great Britain had seen nothing like him before. I was over the moon at seeing some of the props from Labyrinth as this is where my earliest (and fondest!) memories of Bowie begin. I would certainly recommend this exhibition to anyone with even the slightest interest in him or his music! *hunts down ALL THE BOWIE music on spotify*

Also the chandelier currently hanging in the welcome hall of the V&A was spectacular!

After the show Steve and I wandered over to the Serpentine in Hyde Park to eat our packed lunches in the glorious sunshine, it was such a beautiful day!

We took a stroll up to Portobello Road afterward but vowed to stop each other from buying anything - we did well and wandered back with nothing! Hurrah.

I'm now chilled out at home ready for the Pizzathon my housemates and I have in store for tonight. Tres exciting. Two for Tuesdays don't you know!

 I channelled Hayley Williams from the "Still Into You" video today... She's wearing a crop top over a dress with a belt, and I was like, "I CAN DO THIS" so I did. My Dr Marten's were a BAD choice of footwear today though. Bad. Very bad. Hot feet.

Keep being yourself,

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