Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ding Dong

Well I hate to say it but I had my first wedding fail this week. Ever since I first laid my eyes upon them a few years back - I knew that one day I just had to have a pair of Melissas by Vivienne Westwood. These are the shoes I'm talking about:

 I'd spent a long time deciding on colour combinations (because there are sooo many) and finally set my heart on dove blue with mirror pink. My Chief Bridesmaid Amy found that they were only £80 (RRP £120+) on ASOS but after a bit of googling I found them for £60 on a website called OD's.

When they arrived in the post and their candy scent wafted into my nostrils it was love straight away. I mean - look how pretty they are!

Then I put them on.

Oh my. They don't look high right? WELL THEY REALLY ARE. It's the arch that really pushes your foot into one of those crippling upright positions. I've never been good in heels until I started wearing TUK platforms (because they are sooo comfy!) but this was a whole new level of unbearable. There was no pain - in fact overall the shoes were pretty comfy. It was just the towering and tottering that made me want to weep as I realised that it wasn't going to work out between Melissa and I. 

I have to say I'm pretty heartbroken. She was going to be my something blue. 

I've learnt from this experience that it's not good to set your heart on something. Also that not everyone is made to wear heels and I also now know how to tell real from fake Westwood.

I made a pretty big decision recently to up the number of my bridesmaids - first of all it was just my 4 nieces and my best bud Amy. After my trip to Italy I did a lot of thinking. I'm only going to get married once - so I want my bestest friends right behind me! My dear friends Abby and Bex have now joined the Wedding party and I'm sure that they'll regret it in about 12 months time when I'm screaming at them that their pom poms just aren't poofy enough but I love them and it feels right to have them with me now :)

7 BRIDESMAIDS I hear you cry. You bet I'm having 7 Bridesmaids! It all fits in perfectly with my plan. Mwah ha ha...

Daniel & I are attending a red carpet premiere for his new film The Man Inside which I talk about here- it's our first premiere together and I went shopping on Sunday and bought a beautiful gown to wear - I can't wait to post pics! Also confirmed that we have a driver for the night :) WIN! I'm so so excited for this it's going to be an amazing night and I'll be hanging on the red carpet while Dan gives lots of interviews!

Well for now I hope everyone has a pleasant evening - I'm dreaming about wedding dresses at the moment as I've finally booked in two appointments at my two dream wedding dress boutiques but I promise to keep schtum on here until the big day!!

Hi also to my new readers! The director of our show The Spa told me he thoroughly enjoyed reading my blog so a special hello goes out to you!

Sweet dreamings!

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