Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Things I Have Learnt

Urgh I just wrote a whole post then deleted it. I have no idea why. Just the ramblings of an idiot I guess. 

It's quite an interesting time for me at the moment. I'm really starting to discover a lot about myself and things that make me "me". 

One of the best things I've found out recently is my irrational fear of bowling balls. I don't know how I'm going to get over it! I'm absolutely petrified that my thumb is going to pulled off... the boys at work laughed so much at me, yet promised to help me overcome my fear. Yay.

I also really really like dancing. I know I prance about like a loon half the time but give me a routine and I'll dance the hell out of it. Thinking of doing some Bokwa down in Bristol... also recently I knew that work would put a lot of pressure on me so to help me focus on something else I learnt the Thriller routine. Crazy I know but when things get a bit stressful I run it through in my head and Voila! Problem solved.

Just you wait local school disco I'm going to Thriller your socks off.

My music choices have not actually changed since I was about 17. Fall Out Boy are still my favourite band. Give me Hall & Oates any time. Oh yeah and now I like Buble. I'm not ashamed about that :)

I dress like a cross between Little Mix and a harajuku girl. I don't know why my style has only really developed lately but I've actually never felt better in clothes before. Must be something to do with losing weight and actually feeling good in what I wear! Same goes for make-up... getting a Glossybox every month has taught me so much about make-up that I actually enjoy seeing the difference it can make to ones face!

I'm sure I'll learn a ton of stuff about me as I get older and whether that's good or bad remains to be seen. Have you learnt anything new about yourself lately? Or has this blog post made you think twice about new things you may have started doing or wearing?

Change is good, but some things that stay the same are better.

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