Sunday, 17 June 2012

Adventures Ahoy

I'm currently perched on a squishy sofa in Italy watching my bestest pals in the world frolic around a beautiful blue swimming pool overlooking the hilly landscape of Piedmont. I've quite sensibly decided to stay in the shade this morning after a few days out in the sun my chest feels like it might fall off after becoming red raw from the bright sun. Yeek! 

It's magical here though, we're staying in a massive house in the middle of nowhere. Last night we all sat out in the garden first of all watching the bats swoop around us, followed by hundreds of fireflies (one of which we got to see flash right up close!) and then we could see millions of stars in the sky. I was super lucky to see 2 shooting stars and 2 satellites but everyone else thinks it was the vino talking. I'll prove to them all that my eyesight is just simply superior ;).

It's unfortunate really that I've not had time to update my blog. I love writing on it-the words just seem to flow from my fingers like magic :)

This blog in particular might seem a little self-indulgent but to be honest I don't really care. Things are going well for me at the moment and I like documenting what's happening so that I can read back on the goings-on in my life when I'm a lot older. I still have all of my old diaries which I kept when I was teenager and they make for hilarious reading now!

So I guess the biggest news of my LIFE is that I'm engaged!!! I still can't quite wrap my head around it and whenever anyone asks me about it my eyes glaze over and I drift off in a bubble up to cloud 9.

Dan proposed on Sunday May 20th - a taxi picked me up from my Mums house and swooshed me over to Rochester Castle where Dan was waiting for me. He proposed to the tune of the Sunday morning Cathedral bells and it was possibly the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to me. I was so overwhelmed that I actually have no recollection of the lovely things he said to me and I couldn't actually eat the delicious lemon drizzle cake he bought me in a local cafe afterwards. My ring is to die for - a white gold heart-shaped diamond. It literally is the most perfect engagement ring I could have hoped for. 

We've started planning our wedding and have set a date for September next year. Because of what we both do for a living we've decided to fully DIY the event and have pretty strong ideas about what we both want - a rainbow fairground!

As there's so many things to make I'll be sharing DIY tutorials and wedding stuff on here. But don't worry (as I see all my male readers reaching for the close button) I'm not a traditional girl and my wedding will most certainly be the most fabulous and most fun event EVER. 

There's so much to weddings that I didn't have a clue about and I've learnt so much about them already in such a small space of time. 

I've set up a Pinterest account to collect ideas and inspiration for my big day - why not pop over there and have a look? It will most definitely wet your tastebuds if you're planning an event of some description.

I'll be calling upon the help of my nearest and dearest over the next 14 months so if you know me - BEWARE I'll have you cutting and sticking stuff like you've never done before :)

I think this short clip here is really going to sum up the vibe at our wedding: (Thanks Craig!)
I've been working as Assistant Art Director on a new show for Sky Living which I've been on for a few weeks now. It's called The Spa and it's a comedy set in a health club. It's been so much fun working on a comedy and I've really enjoyed creating all the graphics for the show too (so much so that I actually sprained my wrist!! Swimming in Italy appears to have fixed it though) so hopefully Sky viewers will be seeing my work literally plastered all over the place!! It's not out until Autumn though so we will wait and see :)

Also Dan and I are looking forward to moving into our new house together! New location and a whole house for me, Dan and Boo. Just need to find someone to move into our lovely flat and then we can skidaddle out of there!

Not many photos in this blog I'm afraid as being in Italy means that it's not so easy to upload stuff. But I'm posting updates on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr so follow me on any of those!

I hear the weathers not so good in England right now so I'll leave you with the knowledge that we're expecting a massive storm on Tuesday. Does that make you feel better?

Keep warm and stay safe!


  1. Don't be sorry for an over indulgent post, enjoy it !!!
    Congratulations on your engagement !!! What an exciting/nervous/stressful/happy time ahead of you , it will go by very fast !
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday & look forward to seeing more pictures !


    1. I am so jealous of this holiday, it sounds like just what I need right now! x