Sunday, 29 April 2012

Time to myself

Gosh life has been hectic recently. I finished my last web design project in the first week of April, then went straight into art directing a block at EastEnders. At the moment I'm at the point of the weekend between 2 weeks of filming and I can solidly say I am cream crackered. Working 7am-7pm everyday really takes it out of you :(

But yesterday Daniel and I decided to take a stroll into town and have a cheeky Nandos and a look around the shops... I bought this lovely dress in Dorothy Perkins for only £12! Absolute bargain... and so flattering too :) <3

One of the reasons why I had to buy this dress was because it really shows off my hard work - I've been on a calorie counting diet since Christmas and I'm pleased to say that I finally hit my goal weight! 
I set myself a goal of losing 10kg (23lbs) which is just over 1.5 stone. It's been really hard and I've learnt an awful lot about eating habits and food along the way - I finally stopped using the myfitnesspal app this week and have managed to keep my weight stable (and had a celebratory fry-up!). My main problem now is that a large number of my clothes are too big! 

Also had a little box of treats come through the post yesterday: the April glossy box! It's been hard waiting for it this month because they were sent out late due to the Easter bank holiday but oh my it looks awesome!

I've been after a purple eyeliner for a while now so it's just pure luck that one turned up in my glossy box!! And I've always loved (but never been able to afford) Burt's Bees products. I'm trying really hard at the moment to maintain a good skincare routine and the products in this months box will definitely help - early starts and late nights don't exactly leave skin glowing!! 
Which reminds me that this product is great for stimulating the skin and leaving a lovely yummy pancakes scent:

Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory is THE best body scrub I've ever used. I've been saving it since Christmas and although it's pretty expensive (£9.50 a pot) this will now be the only body scrub I'll use. Yum yum yummy.

I mentioned in my last post that I had finished designing a website on the side to my usual job. The website is for British actress Michelle Ryan, who most of you will remember as Zoe Slater from EastEnders or more famously as the Bionic Woman. 
Working with Michelle has been great and I'm so so lucky and proud to have another high profile website under my belt. You can take a look at the website here:

I met Michelle through my boyfriend, Dan Turner - she played the lead role in his new feature called The Man Inside. His film isn't out yet but it's already been getting LOADS of coverage. Here's the trailer which was featured on The Sun's website this week:

I was lucky enough to attend a cast and crew screening of the film in Soho last week and I just cannot be prouder of my boy <3 The film is so so strong and tells a really compelling story. I really hope that this film does well as it deserves to be seen by audiences everywhere. The cast includes rapper Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas, Peter Mullan, Michelle Ryan & David Harewood (who took us out for drinks after the screening = LEGEND).

I also my mentioned in my last post that I had a job interview... I didn't get that job but I did get offered another job instead - I start working for Tiger Aspect on a new comedy from May 14th right up until the beginning of August. :D I've been approached for a few other jobs as well so fingers crossed that more comes along for me at the end of summer! (I got headhunted for a job in Milan recently too which I was dead excited about until the guy never phoned me back :( no quaint European dreams for Sally there).

Anyway I can't spend my whole Sunday staring at screens!! If any of my readers have Instagram - I'm loving it so much, so please feel free to follow me - @sallymonster.

Also I've been treating my twitter & tumblr followers to some vintage behind the scenes Star Wars photos this past week - have a look and enjoy!! I know all my regular followers have :)

Have a great Sunday and eat a massive amount of roasted food later :)

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