Monday, 26 March 2012

Major Life Update


It's been exactly a month since my last post... that's not good :( But good news is that I've been working solidly for a few months and will be working solidly up until May now too :)

So aside from my usual place of work, I've been delving a bit more in to web design recently. Now at present, I'm not allowed to say who I've been designing for BUT I can tell you just how much I've enjoyed working with this person. They really are a one in a million genuine, kind & just lovely person and I can't wait for you all to see the work that we've made together. And above all of that is the fact that I feel like I've made another really good friend and look forward to seeing them away from my laptop!

The website will launch this Friday coming so I'll post a little link on my usual haunts (twitter, tumblr, Facebook).

Also, I had a job interview last week for a really exciting project in London - but again I can't really delve into any details.... It reminded me though how tough it is to go for job interviews, and give yourself just that one chance to shine and really impress the people that you've met with. The interviewers who I met were simply just really lovely, friendly, warm people and I really felt that we were on the same wavelength for the project. They told me that I'd nailed the kind of look they were aiming for on a previous project that I'd done - though they still had two other people to interview so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed!!! If I did get the job it would take me right up to holiday time in June - perfect huh?!

Anyways enough about work now! My boyfriend and I went to see the Hunger Games on Thursday, not knowing anything about it and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed! Was on the edge of my seat for most of it, although going back to my previous post about behaviour in cinemas we were very fortunate to be sitting next to Hunger Games UBER FANS - which at first I thought was great until they WOULD NOT SHUT UP. So I snapped at them. They giggled. And then they were quiet. A small triumph for me there.

Also we saw John Carter. It was lame. Such a shame. Who to blame? 

My lovely lovely boy Daniel was on SKY ONE this weekend talking about his new film The Man Inside. It's incredibly cool to see my boyfriend on a mainstream channel in HIGH DEFINITION.

You can watch the video here :)

Lots of photos are waiting after the break!!


 My LOVELY Minty skirt I got for a whole £2 in Primark so so happy :)

 My outfit for Wizard of Oz day - Daniel and I took our Mum's to see it for Mother's Day :)

 Here is me and Mother (she claims that she looks like a Wallace & Gromit character in this pic... I think she looks lovely! <3)

 If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest that you go see this show - it was incredible and I may or may not have cried once or twice!

 I've started collecting My Little Ponies (such a surprise) and I gave my first Pony, Rarity a hair make-over - doesn't she look lovely!?

 The best photo of Boomer I think I've ever taken. She is awesome.

And this was on Friday in Norwich for a Classy bird night with my BFF's... you'd like some more photos you say?! Why sure!

 L-R: Amy, Moi, Bex & Ab

 Looking pretty classy! We went to Propaganda where the night's branding was illustrated by Jon Burgerman! I was suitably impressed AND all the music was awesome!!!

 This was my Katy Perry inspired Glitter make-up- which I LOVED and stayed in tact all night - wish I could wear this much glitter every day :(

Lastly, (and sorry this has become an epic blog post) I'm very proud to say that I'm very nearly at my goal weight after what seems like a lifetime of calorie counting! 9.2kg lost so far which is 20lbs!!!! (Here's my little tracker...)
And super duper finally you may have noticed my usual love of Unicorns increase recently... And here is why:
My super happy lovely cute Unicorn tattoo! She's based on "The Last Unicorn" which is an old 80's cartoon... I love her so much - just seeing her every day makes me so happy!

Anyways I'm pretty sure that's a major life update to last you all for a little while :)

Stay Classy!

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