Monday, 16 January 2012

A little side project...

Firstly I'm so sorry for the massive lack of updates, I have been SO busy since New Year's BUT I'm really pleased that I can now share with you what I've been doing.

Back in 2009 I met an actress called Tracy-Ann Oberman when I was working on, and she was starring in, Girl Number 9. She was in need of a website and as this was just one of my many creative skills we teamed together and got up and running!

Now the website you see if you clicked the link there is not the website we began with, I've been busy over the past few weeks re-designing it, adding lots of new information and making it far easier to navigate.

Most of you will probably remember Tracy-Ann from her roles in EastEnders and Doctor Who but that's not all she's done. She's appeared in many of the UK's most popular TV shows including Mistresses, Robin Hood, Waterloo Road and Friday Night Dinner. On top of that Tracy is always working in theatre - she is literally non-stop.

I had the pleasure of seeing her perform last year in "Earthquakes in London" at Richmond Theatre which was an amazing play. I've been watching/studying films for so long now I forgot about the beauty and simplicity of theatre. How the actors can draw you in to the stage you forget that you're sitting in a theatre in London. Magical.

So this has been quite a big project for me and it was nice to learn how to manage my own time on a full-time basis. I've done freelance art work from home before but nothing as intense as this - it's been great fun :)

So please have a look at the site and feel free to leave me any feedback- always welcome. I will warn you now that there are a few minor glitches/things to be changed on the site so if you come across anything and think "Hey! That doesn't work quite right" Never fear, it will all be fixed soon :)

In the meantime I'm pleased to announce that I'm back to work as an Art Director now full-time which is brilliant as it's what I absolutely love doing :) and in celebration of coming back to work I am wearing my lovely new shoes! Aren't they purrrrfect?!

Have a great week everyone and enjoy whatever it is that you'll be doing! 

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  1. Nice job on the site Sally, looks pretty complex! Let me know if you ever need a coding partner. Yes. I am a geek.