Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Half a stone lighter, half a shade darker...

Hello! Since I've been back at work I've not really had a huge amount of time to blog, let alone have anything interesting to talk about!

As you can tell by the title, I'm half a stone lighter! Yippeeee! The calorie counting diet is going VERY well and I'm just over half way from my goal. Being back at work means that I'm so busy I don't get time to snack and i can eat healthy (but sometimes people bring leftover cakes in from set AND I WANT TO EAT THEM ALLLLL)

Also I treated myself to a new do at the weekend, had my pink re-done and went a shade darker with my hair. It's called "Tempting Chocolate" by Schwarzkopf, and it is very very dark but it's a welcome change and looks super healthy once again :)
While I was at my mums at the weekend I thought it might be nice to share some photos from my old bedroom- its very pink and I always feel so nostalgic being back in my little cave of wonder. There's something very calming about being immersed in the colour pink, even my boy Daniel agrees!

Click read more to see them!

So here are a few pics of my old bedroom (still intact! - thanks mum!) for you to enjoy!
 My massive pink cloud of sleepiness :)
My (minimal) collection of soft toys and heart cushions.
My very special Hello Kitty that my mum bought me one Christmas. She is the bestest! 
 A piece of artwork from Uni. This is a drawing of my hand through touch only (I didn't look at my hand or the paper while doing-just felt my way though it!) and it's surrounded by Motion City Soundtrack lyrics.
 I painted this canvas of Tinker Bell when I was about 19, my Mum's got it hanging in her hall now :)
 This lovely life-size fella watches over me at night.
When I had pet rats I used to draw them loads, and my Dad carved one of my drawings into wood for me. 

On another note my Mum and I went to a Rock and Gem fair at the weekend and I made this super cool necklace from some rocks I found there:
It's made of little colourful skulls!

Lastly I'm extremely pleased to announce that I now have TWO (yes, count them!) holidays booked this year!!!! The first is a group holiday with my bestest buds in the entire world- where we will venture to a posh house somewhere in the hills of Northern Italy :) I've never done a group holiday before so its something im really looking forward to :) the second is the holiday I have dreamed about since I was a little girl: FLORIDA!!!!
Daniel and I booked this last year so we had time to save, we're going to do them all- DISNEYWORLD (!) Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens... 2 weeks in heaven! I literally cannot wait until October :) if anyone has any suggestions of things to do or see in Florida please do share :)

Ooo! Ooo! And I can also tell you that I've booked my next tattoo! More on that to come!

Other than that I will be working very very hard over the next few weeks but maybe I'll share some mini-blogs or something? I find a lot easier to update my tumblr so please, if you miss me I'll be over there :)

Have a great week everyone!

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