Thursday, 22 December 2011

Star Wars Snowflakes

If you're loyal enough to follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you would have seen the photo of the AMAZING snowflakes that my friend Steve and I made. Believe me when I say they are MIND BLOWING!!!!

I made a few more today and now have a lovely set of 6 stuck nicely in my window :) I am so so proud of them I wish I lived on a lower floor so that passers by could see them too!!

Here is a pic of them sitting proudly in our window! :D

And if you Click "Read More" you can see each snowflake individually!

Here are my pics of each of the snowflakes that I made:


Boba Fett



Darth Vader


I came across this idea on my Tumblr- it was originally posted by the Matters of Grey blog and if you click the link there you can download the PDF files so you can print off and make these beauties yourself!!

I would recommend the following: a scalpel, a cutting mat & scissors as well as patience. Some of those bits are damn fiddly!

Happy crafting!


  1. Awh love them! Found your blog via the lovely Ayden! What type of puppy do you have? xxx

  2. these are amazing snowflakes! wowzer! great blog & looking forward to more posts! x

  3. Aw wow thanks guys!! It's great to have new readers :) Sophie, I have a jack russell, she is the cutest of the cute! I will have to post some pics up for u! xx