Friday, 16 December 2011

Meeting Miss Ayden

I've had such an amazing week! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ayden who has been down in London doing an art department course. We met in London & I took her to my favourite restaurant in London, The Diner on Carnaby St and we sat in the freezing cold and ate some yummy food :) So here's a couple of pics from that night!

 The cheesy fries in the Diner are amaze balls - I strongly recommend giving them a whirl!
 I opted for the avocado, red pepper & halloumi cheeseburger... mmmmm :)

 The amazing mistletoe street decorations down Carnaby St.
 At Piccadilly circus
A man playing the Bagpipes at Piccadilly circus!

There's a better photo of my awesome jumper I wore that night on my tumblr - it's a lazy oaf jumper which is a Christmas design but made of cute things like skulls, clouds and mushrooms :)

It was soooo lovely meeting Ayden, she is way too cool for school and we had SO much fun the at Winter Wonderland last night. I've taken so many photos at Winter Wonderland that I'm going to do a whole post dedicated to it RIGHT NOW!

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