Thursday, 24 November 2011

It's nice to get lovely things in the mail :)

So I did my first parcel exchange with Miss Ayden... basically we set a budget, then put together a parcel full of lovely things for the other to enjoy! I had SO much fun putting Ayden's box together that Daniel and I are going to do it for Christmas this year :)

I was ever so excited when Daniel came home with a parcel for me I just squealed with delight for about the hour it took to open it all.

So I've put photos of everything on here (because everything in my parcel was so so lovely!!)

You can see all of the goodies in my parcel if you click Read More!

 Hello Kitty hair grips & Iced Gem earrings! I used to love Iced Gems when I was a kid... do they still make them?
Good thing I wore My Little Pony t-shirt today! This is the second vintage MLP badge I own, I stole a 1986 badge from a boy in a club once :) Also Ayden made this super cool cupcake brooch!! It's sooo cute!

 Check out the Pink nail varnish (it looks really orange in this photo?!?) It's made with real rubies! And the toast ring!! I just love it :)

 This book looks like so much fun to read! I can't wait to get stuck in.

And lastly some wishbones! Daniel and I are going to snap these after dinner one night.

Ayden got her parcel today! I think it was a total success, it's so nice to receive lovely things in the mail (that's why I've spent so much money over the years...) if anyone else is interested please let me know! It's like Christmas & Birthday rolled in to one at a rubbish time of year!

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  1. YAYYYYYY! :) Awwww I am SO glad you liked all your bits and pieces lady. Super super happy :) I opened yours in a bit of an overwhelmed rush haha I should have waited until I got home from work :p So tonight I am going to sit and oogle at it all some more! You're the best xxxx