Wednesday, 17 April 2013

You Life Me Up In The Wave Of Love

Day 2 of unemployment and I took a trip into Wood Green this morning. My, it's very different to Muswell Hill!! (I haven't been to Wood Green since last summer and had forgotten how contrasting it is to my sleepy little village!)

My main reason for visiting was to visit the big Primark they have here- and I picked up some little treats for me, my flat and my Toby (although I haven't included it in the photos so I don't spoil the surprise!)

I have a big problem at the moment where I can't resist something if its pink and mint. It's going to take over my life soon... It's already encroaching on my wardrobe....

I also stopped by Tiger as well which is a cute little homeware store. I picked up this rack for the back of my door which will keep things a little tidier!

I've been lucky enough to have been invited to my best friends' aunts wedding at the end of next month, and I'm so excited!!!! I've already picked up a gorgeous dress for the occasion and have been on the hunt for the perfect shoes to match! Well, hello Schuh Wood Green- you won! I got these gorgeous mint and white wedges (I am super rubbish at walking in heels) which will match my pink and white striped Forever 21 dress perfectly :)

I mentioned last night that I had a Hula Hoop class- I also have one this evening too. They're run by Diana Defries at Hoopswhirled and are in the North London area. She also makes custom hoops so you can have one as pink and sparkly as you like! (I'm so excited to order my new hoop!)

For more information visit the Hoopswhirled website:

Right now I'm chilling out with my housemate Sian, drinking cider and eating copious amounts of chocolate- did you have a good evening too?

Keep dreaming!

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