Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Now We're Spinning With The Stars Above

Today is the first day off of my epic 6 week break.

When you work freelance like I do you can't always guarantee that work will always be there, and although unexpected time off can be sometimes be a godsend- it's not so good if you're easily bored/need some Mahoney etc.

So I've got 6 weeks to myself- which is great having worked solidly since new year and I'm excited for all the little adventures I know I'm going to go on!

Today I went for a walk to Parliament Hill, which is the other side of Highgate and it was beautiful! I took my little sketchbook and intended to do some drawings of the view but, as is always the case with me I became way more interested in the people around me and left with only one drawing of a solitude man. It was sitting here on the little hilltop that I decided that I would start writing in my blog again, as a positive output for the day and also to stop my brain going into boredom meltdown!

I began my day with a well deserved lie in which was absolute bliss! I dug out my Barry M shadows and made myself feel all Katy Perry for the day too :)

It was so so nice strolling around in the sunshine it made me super excited for summer!! The only thing I will miss is owning a little four-legged friend to run around the parks with. I recently looked up volunteering at a local dogs home as a dog-walker but its something that a lot of people want to do. Good for all those little waggy tails though!

It's been a good start to my time off so far- even found this gorgeous Upper 5th cardigan in Muswell Hill's Barnados shop :D
I'm off to Hula Hooping class shortly which is the perfect way to end day 1!!

Keep Smiling,

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