Friday, 24 February 2012

Instagram Lover.

Jeeeeez I've found it so hard to update my blog this past week! Work has been so busy and I've been prepping for the next two weeks which I'll spend filming - it's just all been a bit manic!

So I thought I'd spend my lunch break today writing a proper update :). I've been finding Instagram a really easy way to update my twitter, tumblr and Facebook all in one go so if you have an Instagram account my username is @sallymonster. I'm still looking for more people to follow on there so if you know of anyone who takes magical photos please recommend them to me!!

Here are a few of my favourite Instagram moments:

 This is Harry the Cat who lives in our prop store at work - created using PicFrame.

 The Crystal Hello Kitty dangler that's jazzed up our new car.

 My favourite dress: the Cupcake dress. Makes any day a happy day :)

More after the break!

 The phone case I bought ready for my new iPhone when it arrives next week!

 My nieces mind-blowing birthday cake - she is a very lucky girl!

 My beautiful baby Boom.

 Down Hall. Daniel took me here for Valentines Dinner, it was gorgeous.

 My favourite place in London: Patisserie Valerie.

 Awesome light shades at the Jewel Bar in Piccadilly.

 The dress I wore for Valentines dinner. (Hell Bunny Angelica!)

 Me and my boy on the train home late one Saturday.

 Hello Kitty Easter madness!!

The Hello Kitty eggcup I daydreamed about that Mr Daniel kindly bought for me from Sainsburys. Still excited to eat a runny egg out of it :).

Also this week I finally got my own website up and running so that I can showcase my work to potential employers. I'm really excited to have my work online at long last and I bet anyone who visits my site leaves it feeling happy!! Go check it out:

I'm really excited to announce that I've also been commissioned to make a website for someone very very special. But more news on that another day :). I got my first ever Glossybox today which is AMAZING so I'm looking forward to reviewing that on here!


I'm more than halfway to my goal now! I'm working doubly hard at the moment to shift the last pounds off. Has anyone heard of Bokwa? Non-stop dancing for 60 mins. I'm still finding it difficult to walk 2 days later but it was well worth the 1200 calories burnt in one session :)

For now take care, keep warm and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


  1. Instagram is an amazing app, great to see its still only available on iPhone!

  2. Yeah makes us feel like we're part of a special club :)

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