Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Geekasms and Guns....

It seems like forever since my last blog post... so I guess that I better make this a good one!

I've just finished a 9 day shoot at work and as a result of filming outside in the freeeeeezing weather I'm actually pretty ill :( BUT it is Valentine's day and my boy has been looking after me and treating me like a princess. :D

 This is what he bought me: the Katy Perry Purr Perfume! I've wanted it for aaaaages!! It's so so yummy and the bottle is super duper cute :)

And this is the Valentine's card I made him. He laughed so much when he opened it - it went down well!
Last weekend I was lucky enough to win tickets to the SFX Weekender in Prestatyn, Wales. So we packed the car up and headed down with my friends Simon and Dave for a weekend of geekasms and frolics.

We got there in time on Friday for the Pat Sharpe Disco, the boys and I queued up to meet him and had this little photo taken with him:

Dan had missed the wonder that was Fun House when we were kids so he wasn't interested in meeting the mullet man!

There were so many people in Cosplay, on the Saturday I dressed up as a homage to Ramona Flowers:

Here I am with a replica C3PO. :) I grabbed a few pics with other people in cosplay over the weekend:-

 And so did the boys:

 There was all sorts of things to do like screenings and talks with sci-fi & fantasy actors etc. One of my favourites was hearing Brian Blessed give us a lecture on LIFE. Amazing! And definitely not something I'm going to forget! Hearing him sing opera at the top of his lungs was quite something!

On the Saturday night there was an incredible Funk and Soul Disco with Craig Charles. Non-stop dancing until a very very early hour. There were also some weird figures on stilts dancing on the floor with us too...

But we had a great time and thanks to SFX and Cineworld for the tickets. DEFINITELY going again next year. 

Here's a couple more pics from the weekend..... Grab machine with Star Wars playing on a TV inside of it.... Getting looked at by a Dalek at close range... Boys transfixed by a shoot-em-up arcade game...


Hope you've all kept warm in this incredibly cold weather. :) 
I've been given instructions today to be home by 4 and pack a swimming costume and an overnight bag.... mysterious....

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