Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hello Stranger

Well well well....

I abandoned this blog a long long time ago because I was unhappy at the fact that blogger deleted all the images I put on here! As you can see, I managed to save most of them but my first entry about Girl Number 9 is the only victim left. :(

I've been reading a lot more blogs lately, not for any particular reason... just they've popping up into my twitter feed and tumblr dashboard a lot more and I've really enjoyed reading a little bit more about people. It's especially nice when you get to know people purely through these social networking sites we have... it's like taking building blocks and putting together what this person is about from all the little bits of info you are given about them.

So I guess since I've been off work (My contract ended at my last job... I work freelance) I've just had more free time and the first few weeks I spent just lazing about and re-charging my batteries. It was nice spending more time with my puppy dog and my man and we took a holiday too which was the best decision we ever made :)

We got back from the holiday and I knew that I had to be more productive than lazing about at home all day. There is only so much job hunting one can do in the industry I work in without feeling like you've sold a tiny part of your dignity.

At the moment I'm brushing up on my technical drawing skills down at Pinewood Studios, which is a great place to be. I did a course there last year and since I had free time I thought that I might as well be productive with it. Going back there was a great decision, it's so motivational being back in that environment and talking about what you love to do with like-minded people all day. Not only that but it's a great reminder of what skills I do have. While I was procrastinating at home I tried to draw random things in my sketchbook... but was left with that feeling of not being able to draw :( that is the worst feeling in the world... So being at Pinewood and drawing actual good things is brilliant for the mind and soul :) My tutor is brilliant as well. He's so encouraging and complimentary and explains when you make a mistake. My favourite thing is that he lets you make your own mistakes. That's one of the only ways that you're going to learn.

Anyway... blogging. I have no excuse. I love tumblr, I found it about 6-8 months and immediately got addicted. It's like I finally found a whole bunch of people who loved the same random cute stuff that I do. So my blog there is full of things that will make you vomit up My Little Ponies and rainbow stars. Beware.

So I promise to do more blogging here. For when Tumblr isn't enough and I need to find words.

Have a good Sunday!

Sally x

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